EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Report

EICR's reports in Wirral

Our NICEIC approved team of electrical contractors offer our first-class electric installation condition report (EICR) services to all properties based throughout the North West. Our fully qualified and time served electrical team, are able to certify that all electrical

inspection and testing work is carried out inline with current guidance and regulation. This enables us to offer you the best advice and support with any recommendation.

Therefore, if you are in need of a professional electrical team to assist you with your electrical safety checks, we are perfect for the job. 

In order to keep a property in an electrically safe condition fit for continued use, it is essential a number of inspections and tests are carried out on a routine basis to check all aspects are maintained in a good, safe and working condition. With this, at LPM Electrical Services, we offer our EICR services to all landlords, domestic and commercial property owners throughout the North West, who require a professional team to check their electrics accurately and safely. 

Depending on your property type, your advised or required timespan between EICR services can vary. Landlords are required by law to undergo an EICR service every 5 years or change of tenancy if before the 5-year mark as they are responsible for ensuring their rented

property is maintained in an electrically safe condition, making the environment secure for the tenants living within it. Although there is no legal requirement for businesses, at LPM Electrical Services, we suggest they also follow this 5-year timeframe in order to keep their business premises in an electrically safe position consistently. Business owners are responsible for the safety of their employees/staff, customers, visitors and anybody else who enters, whilst on their premises. Therefore, undergoing an EICR service every 5 years will not only prevent unexpected issues from occurring but will also decrease the chances of a hazardous issue arising from an electrical fault. 

At LPM Electrical Services, we suggest all domestic property owners undergo an EICR every 5 years to ensure the installation remains fit for purpose, however, there are some reasons why you may decide to undergo these checks earlier. These include:

When buying a property 

When selling a property

Multiple electrical faults in the property

When upgrading your consumer unit

Our EICR services consist of an array of inspections and tests whereby we assess the condition and workings of all electrical aspects throughout the property. The purpose of these checks is to detect and locate any signs of faults, wear and tear or damages, in

order to diagnose and repair these issues prior to the problem escalating further. 

In order to make all EICR services as smooth and hassle-free as possible, we ensure our team are highly respectful towards you, those within the property and your property itself, as well as keeping any disruption to an absolute minimum. Along with this, our

electrical experts ensure all work carried out will be done as efficiently as possible, without compromising on our professional workmanship and overall safety. 

Give us at LPM Electrical Services a call today on 07774330288 where we will provide you with any additional information you require regarding our EICR services, offer you a quote for your service as a whole and arrange a date to carry out your safety checks. 

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