Part & Full Rewiring

Part & Full Rewiring services in Wirral

Our team of electrical engineers provide first-class part and full rewiring services to all properties based throughout the North West.

Our fully qualified, and time served electrical team, are able to certify that all electrical installation works carried out by LPM Electrical Services Ltd, are complete with nothing less than optimum safety and exceptional workmanship. Therefore, if you are in need of a professional electrical team to assist you with your electrical rewiring service, we are perfect for the job. 

Our team of experienced electricians can complete both 1st fix wiring and 2nd fix electrical connection of sockets and accessories in 1 day, meaning the power is back on and the installation is functional following the first visit. This means you are able to safely use your installation when you return back home and there's no need for Day 2 or Day 3 without power or full use of your property.

One of our experienced managers will attend your property to talk and guide you through the process start to finish, giving you the opportunity to discuss your new installation, including location of sockets and switches and number of points on each circuit etc..

this enables our team to define your needs so we can ensure they are met in line with current legislation and wiring ​regulations.

Following Day 1 of the rewire we can arrange for one of our trustworthy, quality ​plasterers to attend and make good any chasing out that has been done to the fabric of your property, additional plastering such as skimming full walls can also be quoted for if desired. Once the plastering has been done, which in most cases will also take 1-2 days, one of our electricians will return to complete a post inspection of all work.

During the post inspection we will remove the oozie boxes from accessories so all of your switches and sockets are left flush to the newly plastered or repaired walls. You will also receive an Electrical Installation Certificate that covers the property for 5 years along with your Building control certificate that LPM Electrical will register for you. 

Full rewires 

Full electrical rewires are often viewed as one of the most inconvenient, costly services for property owners, however, electrical rewiring is one of the most crucial jobs required to keep all properties in a hazard-free, electrically safe condition.

With electrical wiring being susceptible to deterioration, this creates a potential for the

insulation to break down over time causing electrical faults among other issues such as,

wires to become frayed, cracked, split or broken, creating possible fire hazards. Therefore, it is imperative the condition of all wiring is maintained to ensure the longevity of your installation. At LPM Electrical Services, we strongly advise all property owners to undergo a full electrical rewiring when an installation has reached the end of its service life, this is to ensure the installation remains fit for purpose and safe for continued use, as well as up to date and inline with current safety regulations. 

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to know if or when your installation requires a rewire following a simple visual inspection. However, this can be determined by completing an Electrical Installation Condition report (EICR). This report will tell you everything you need to know about your current installation and its condition. there are some common signs that suggest you require an EICR from a professional electrical team like ourselves. 

Some of the most common signs to suggest your electrics need to be checked/rewired, include:

Dim or flickering lights 

Burning/fishy smells from accessories

Visibly cracked or frayed wires 

Frequent circuit tripping or electrical faults

Buzzing noises from the outlets and accessories

Sparking accessories

Partial rewires

At LPM Electrical Services, we understand not all customers require a rewiring service on all electrical aspects throughout the property and may only require a specific area or room within the house to be rewired. With this, we offer our partial rewiring services

to all customers who are looking for upgrade or remedial works. 

Some of the most common reasons property owners opt to undergo a partial rewiring include for layout alteration purposes, to add, remove or reposition sockets, showers, cookers, lighting or for loft conversions and extension projects, and more. 

We pride ourselves on our customer service at LPM Electrical Services and ensure all rewiring services are planned in advance, in order to gain a clear understanding of the results we are expected to achieve. This means, prior to your rewiring process beginning,

we will discuss the intricate details of your service, allowing us to add any additional details to your plan including socket or outlet additions, repositioning or removals, and so much more. Along with this, during this discussion we will also then be able

to run through what will happen during your full or partial rewiring service, allowing you to ask any questions before we start the work. 

In order to make all rewiring services as smooth and hassle-free as possible, we ensure our team are highly respectful towards you, those within the property and your property itself, as well as keeping any disruption to an absolute minimum. Along with this,

our electrical experts ensure all work carried out will be done as efficiently as possible, without compromising on our professional workmanship and overall safety. 

Give us at LPM Electrical Services a call today on 07774330288 where we will provide you with any additional information you require regarding our full and partial rewiring services, offer you a quote for your service as a whole and arrange a date to begin your rewiring


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